December 2016

Home Secure, the perfect LATE Christmas gift!

Everyone knows that December is a time for giving... and that's exactly what we love during this period of the year! Stuck for inspiration? Fear not. Chifco is here to help you find the perfect connected gift for the whole family, such as “Home Secure” which is a combination of an intelligent camera and an intuitive application.

Home Secure comes with its own Cloud service thus offering a wide range of features:

  • Alarm system
  • Motion and image capture.
  • Real-time streaming
  • Replay
  • Night vision

IoT News

4 reasons why 2016 has been one of the best years for Chifco

By this special article, we want to thank every friend, family member, team member, and organization that helped us in our ascension to success. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. We are calling it: 2016 was a great year, possibly the most challenging yet. Here are 4 reasons why.

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Tech trends for 2017: more AI, machine intelligence, connected devices and collaboration

The end of year or beginning of year is always a time when we see many predictions and forecasts for the year ahead. We often publish a selection of these to show how tech-based innovation and economic development will be impacted by the major trends.

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L'Internet des objets (IdO) devrait s'imposer en 2017 dans les foyers

Les objets connectés font davantage couler d'encre qu'ils n'investissent réellement le domicile du consommateur moyen, mais 2017 sera peut-être l'année du vrai décollage de l'Internet des objets (IdO).

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Chifco in the Media 

RTCI : Campus : rubrique Success Story

Chifco, représentée par Amine Chouaieb, a eu l’honneur d’être la Success Story de l’émission Campus, le 2 décembre sur les ondes de RTCI. Amine a partagé son expérience en tant qu’entrepreneur en parlant de son parcours et de ses ambitions pour la Tunisie, tout en prodiguant quelques conseils pour les jeunes.

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CheetaGen : Interview avec Amine Chouaieb CEO et fondateur de Chifco

Dans le cadre d’une interview assurée par CheetaGen, une plateforme qui est dédiée à la mise en valeur d’entrepreneurs africains, Amine Chouaieb a eu le plaisir de partager la vision et la mission de Chifco, en évoquant un long parcours pour la réalisation de ce projet ambitieux et innovant.

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Radio Nejma : Business Connect : quelles attentes suite de la conférence Tunisia 2020 ?

La Tunisie a connu deux jours importants pour l’éveil d’une nation : Tunisia 2020, le forum de l’investissement tant attendu par tous. Qu’en pensent les entrepreneurs ? Ce forum va-t-il réellement changer la scène économique tunisienne ? C’est ce dont a parlé Amine Chouaieb dans l’émission Business Connect sur les ondes de Nejma fm le 29 Novembre 2016.

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Technology beyond borders

On the 14 December 2016, by morning, a Gabonese delegation came to discover Chifco. On that special occasion, the startup’s technical team showcased to the guests many IoT-based projects and simulations.

Discovery day at Chifco

On the 9 December 2016, Chifco had the pleasure to welcome in its office in Sousse Mr. Anwar Maarouf, Tunisian Minister of Technology and the Digital Economy, and Mr. Mutasim Boudhiaf, Minister in charge of the Algerian Digital Economy, who visited Chifco to discover its smart iot-based solutions.

An honorable guest in the premises of Chifco

On the 7 December 2016, Chifco had the honor to receive for the first time her Excellency Carol McQueen, ambassador of Canada in Tunisia. The visit happened at Chifco’s office, in Sousse. The ambassador was warmly welcomed by Amine and his entire team who demonstrated Chifco’s connected solutions and latest tech achievements.