August 2016

Emergency Wearable, the bracelet that keeps you safe

At home or in the street, the violence perpetrated against women is a global issue raging both in the public space and in the private sphere.

“Emergency Wearable” is our solution to face this problem. The bracelet includes a button that the user can press on when she needs help. It will directly send a notification with the location of the victim to a dedicated call center for example. The call center will contact the appropriate person such as relative, an association or even the police.

The main purpose is to keep women safe by calling for help in an easy way and a shorter time.

Emergency Wearable measures combined variables in order to detect situation of stress and danger such as:

  • The heartbeat
  • The temperature
  • The geolocation
  • The speed and level of fall

IoT News

Saving lives: the other side of IoT

In these early days, much of the focus of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been on industrial applications, such as improving operations and increasing supply chain efficiencies with autonomous machines. But progressively, we're seeing a more human-centric category of IoT activity starting to emerge. It's less about automation and more about personal augmentation and safety. We're talking about smart solutions that save lives: all lives on earth.

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Theventure: "How the Internet of Things can be used for social good"

IoT is one of the hottest trends in tech—here are some ways that businesses are using its capabilities to bring help to others.

See article : « Environment Dress 2.0 : une parure connectée pour sauver des vies »

L’Environment Dress 2.0 est une robe connectée créée par deux artistes espagnols. Elle est capable de détecter les menaces environnementales, et potentiellement de sauver des vies.

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Chifco in the Media 

Kapitalis : « Projet tunisien : un bracelet pour femmes alertant en cas de violences »

Le PDG de Chifco, Amine Chouaieb, projette le lancement d’Emergency Wearable, un bracelet connecté qui permettra aux femmes victimes de violences à la maison ou dans les lieux publics de lancer une alerte via le net à leurs proches ou aux autorités.

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Femmes de Tunisie : « Une startup tunisienne présélectionnée au HiiL Innovating Justice Competition »

Chifco, une startup tunisienne spécialisée dans l’Internet des Objets (IoT) et le « Machine to Machine », est présélectionnée au HiiL Innovating Justice Competition. Une compétition internationale qui permettra au vainqueur de concrétiser son projet en lui offrant une reconnaissance mondiale ainsi qu’une aide financière.

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Entreprises magazine : « Témoignages : Amine Chouaieb, fondateur de la startup Chifco »

La nature a horreur du vide, le déclin constaté des infrastructures publiques et les limites atteintes par ce dernier pousse les tunisiens vers deux choix : s’expatrier ou étudier dans le privé.

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Chifco semi-finalist in the HiiL Innovating Justice Competition

Chifco’s innovation “Emergency Wearable”, has been selected for the semi-final round for HiiL’s Innovating Justice Awards 2016 as well as 35 other innovations. The 36 innovations will attend and pitch at a local Boostcamp in their region. Chifco will pitch on the 16th of September in Cogite Coworking Space in Tunis. The HiiL Justice Accelerator team will select up to 10 innovations by October 20 who will move on the final round and pitch in The Hague in December for an Innovating Justice Award. Up to 160,000 EUR will be split between the winners of the awards.

Chifco’s fifth anniversary

On the 18th of August, Chifco blowed its fifth candle. During these five years, Chifco did its best to bring an added value and a new life for Tunisians, with Tunisians, through technology. One of Chifco’s main objectives is to facilitate and improve people’s everyday lives. For the next coming years, Chifco has many plans. One of them is to become a reference and a major player in the Internet of Things field in Tunisia and internationally.

Amine Chouaieb’s intervention on radio Mosaïque FM

Amine Chouaieb intervened on Mosaïque FM radio, on the 09th of August. He stressed the importance of technology in general in people’s everyday lives and talked about the Emergency Wearable, the wireless and long-term battery device, provided with an alert button that keeps women safe. With this technology, Chifco commits to help and to ensure security to society. The main goal of the “Emergency Wearable” is to enhance safety for women in situation of domestic or public danger by pressing a button which will send an alert.