January 2017

Start the year with Home Secure

It’s a cold new year! Holidays are off and we’re all back to hard work. So, what do we need more than security at home while we’re warm at the office? Home Secure is the best innovative solution for you. With Home Secure, you can easily see and control what is going on into your house from any place at any time with an application on your phone.

It is composed of an IP Camera with many features:

  • Real time visualization.
  • Instant notifications with motion detectors.
  • Built-in microphone and night vision.
  • Online storage with 6 Gb.
  • Wide angle of 180°.

IoT News

Revolutionary things 2017 has been hiding from us

2016 was a foundational year for IoT, and 2017 must became the year where we focus on real deployment and monetization of IoT systems, including both software and hardware. These are the newest innovations you won’t soon be able to live without.

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Forbes: 7 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Businesses In 2017

Okay, marketers and technology enthusiasts have been talking about the coming of the Internet of Things (IoT) for years. But with products like Google Home and Amazon Echo emerging and gaining popularity, it’s reasonable to suspect that 2017 is the year that IoT finally starts taking off.

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Journaldunet : Todo list 2017 : start-ups et industriels, l'heure de l'IoT a sonné

3, 2, 1, top départ. Cette année, les entreprises qui veulent commercialiser des objets connectés ou les déployer en interne passent à la vitesse supérieure. Voici quelques conseils pour ne pas rater la mise à feu.

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Chifco in the Media 

France Alumni : Le ticket gagnant pour les entrepreneurs

Le French Tech Ticket s'étoffe pour répondre à la demande des entrepreneurs étrangers. Ce programme d'accueil des talents étrangers en France disposait de 50 places pour sa saison inaugurale (soit 22 start-up dont une startup tunisienne).

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Tunisia Mechatronics day: an event full of hope

Tunisia Mechatronics day took place in Tunisia and brought to light 10 innovative Tunisian startups, including Chifco, to promote their products, talk about their new technological innovations and meet investors.

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Chifco on air at radio RTCI

Amine Chouaieb, Chifco’s CEO and founder, was one of the guests during the radio RTCI program Campus. Robots, connected things and the relation between Chifco and youth were the main topics discussed.

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PITCH 4 AUSTRIA – the selection

After being shortlisted among the 10 semi-finalists, Chifco had the pleasure to pitch at Startup Haus Coworking Space in Tunis, in front of a high level jury in order to win a 2 week-stay in Austria. The event, fully dedicated to tunisian startups, was organized by Advantage Austria and held for the first time in Tunisia.

An honorable guest in the premises of Chifco

On 19 January 2017, Chifco had the pleasure to welcome Mr Zied Ladhari, the Minister of Industry and Trade at Chifco’s office. Chifco presented to the Minister its connected objects and made demonstrations with the whole team.

Shaping Davos 2017

On the 18th of January 2017, Chifco had the pleasure to participate in a conference organized by Global Shapers Tunis addressing the topic of corruption entitled “What role does Tunisian youth play in fighting corruption?” The conference was held at the « Institut Arabe Des Chefs D'entreprises ». The topic was debated by key experts, including Amine Chouaieb, with an open floor questions to the public.