Novembre 2016

Home Secure, a peace of mind solution

Chifco developed a solution called “Home Secure” which is a camera accompanied by an application that guarantees you high reliability and continuous access to the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

This smart innovation will help you to keep an eye on your home or office, thanks you its multiple functions such as:

  • Summary of your day/week that can be replayed on your smartphone.
  • Notifications via your smartphone or laptop when the IP Cam detects movements.
  • 180 degrees vision that will allow you to see everything in the camera’s surroundings
  • Continuous monitoring, by day and night.
  • High quality vision and imaging.
  • Storage in the cloud

IoT News

Internet of Things changes gaming industry

Have you noticed that it has become tricky to keep pace with fast changing facets of technology in your daily life? The way people accessed and used the internet a few years back is not the same anymore.

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Venturebeat : “Cisco launches cloud service for smart cities as game about hacking smart cities debuts”

Here’s a weird intersection of fiction and real life. Cisco is announcing today a new cloud service to enable smart cities, just a day before Ubisoft launches its Watch Dogs 2 video game about hacking smart cities.

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Lefigaro : « Apple prépare des lunettes de réalité augmentée »

Le créateur de l'iPhone pourrait lancer des lunettes de réalité augmentée affichant des images et des informations diverses devant les yeux de ses utilisateurs.

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Chifco in the Media 

Ecomag : L’entrepreneuriat, une solution pour lutter contre le chômage ?

Amine Chouaieb a eu l’honneur de participer au débat « L’entrepreneuriat, solution ou stratégie pour faire baisser le chômage ? » lors de l’émission Ecomag de la radio Express Fm. Il a mis le point sur 3 constats relatifs à l’entrepreneuriat en Tunisie.

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Leconomistemaghrebin : Capital humain dans les entreprises tunisiennes : retour d’expériences

«Le capital humain au cœur des enjeux du management », tel est l’intitulé de la rencontre qui s’est tenue le 3 novembre, au siège de l’UTICA. Les différents panélistes ont donné des éclairages sur le sujet.

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Entreprises Magazine : Les 100 managers qui ont fait bouger le Business en Tunisie

Amine Chouaieb bien que reçu par Hollande à l’Elysée, reste égal à lui-même et incarne de façon claire le génie qui caractérise la nouvelle génération des jeunes entrepreneurs tunisiens. Deux maîtres mots la résument : l’audace et l’innovation.

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Back on the school benches!

Amine Chouaieb, has been invited to be part of the intervenes for the Opening of the World Entrepreneurship Week on the 14 November 2016 which took place in the chapel of the Higher Institute of Commercial Studies of Carthage (IHEC CARTHAGE). The Opening conference, has been organized by Carthage IT, an association that operates in the domain of ICT. The conference named “Entrepreneurship & ICT towards creative digital opportunities” was an opportunity for Amine to share with the students his startup story and inspire them to create and follow their dreams.

A young panelist at the HR Trends 3rd edition

Organized by the UTICA (Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft) and Deloitte Conseil Tunisia, the 3rd edition of the HR Trends annual meeting took place on Thursday, 3 November at the headquarters of the UTICA. This edition was hold under the theme “Human Capital at the heart of the stakes of management”.

Amine Chouaieb, founder and CEO of Chifco, had the pleasure to be among the panelists of the event, giving advices and his opinion about the subject.

A multicultural journey at Sousse

On the 2 November 2016, by morning, Chifco had the pleasure to welcome in its office in Sousse, a German delegation who came to discover the startup.

On that occasion, Chifco’s technical team showcased to the guests many IoT-based projects and simulations as part of a Tunisian-German cooperation.