October 2016

Home Secure, the camera that sees everything

Do you want to keep an eye on someone or something that matters to you while away? Well, Home Secure is our solution to your concerns: it keeps your belongings and your beloved ones close to you whenever and wherever you are.

Home Secure is a combination of an intelligent camera and an intuitive application that allow you to monitor everything and to get alerts. It’s simple to set up and can be managed with your mobile, laptop and internet.

Home Secure comes with its own Cloud service. It offers a wide range of features:

  • Alarm system
  • Real-time streaming
  • Replay
  • High quality vision and imaging
  • Motion detection and image capture

IoT News

How IoT impacts society?

Do you remember 20 years ago when computers started to invade our homes? Since then, technology hasn’t stop to change each aspect of our lives, starting by the way we learn, work and consume. Things are evolving and with technology our life quality is getting better.

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Article thestack:“Monitoring New York poverty with Urban IoT"

Researchers from New York University have undertaken initial studies which explore the potential benefits of deploying ‘Urban IoT’ sensor systems in low-income neighbourhoods with too little commercial acumen to benefit from all but the most inclusive municipal sensor schemes.

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Article Latribune : L'intelligence artificielle remplace-t-elle votre médecin ?

Le numérique prend peu à peu sa place dans les cabinets médicaux et les hôpitaux. Sur ce créneau très prometteur, les jeunes pépites côtoient les géants du numérique.

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Chifco in the Media 

Wajjahni : « Amine Chouaieb, le tunisien qui rêve d’une startup internationale »

Après le lancement de Chifco il y a maintenant cinq ans, Amine Chouaieb, continue la croissance de sa start-up avec une nouvelle invention, Home Secure, une caméra de surveillance intelligente. Retour sur le parcours d’un jeune ambitieux qui commence à trouver sa place sur la scène internationale.

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Raya.com: «Project Challenge 22, an opportunity to highlight Arab innovations»

Amine Chouaieb, ambassador of the “22 challenge” project said that the initiative of the challenge 22 is an opportunity for Arab youth to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. He expressed confidence in the Tunisian youth’s ability to succeed in effectiveness by bringing them ideas and opportunities for free, as it would give them the opportunity to watch their invention spread all over the world through the 2022 World Cup.

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« Overall winners: Emergency Wearable »

As a first of its kind event in Tunisia, the HiiL Justice Accelerator made a great opening statement to the Tunisia ecosystem: justice entrepreneurship is the next big thing!

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The 14-day crowdfunding and crowdsourcing challenge

Between 1 and 14 October 2016, after being selected among the 36 semi-finalists in the international “HiiL Innovating Justice Competition”, Chifco started raising funds for its justice innovation “Emergency Wearable” the smart bracelet that keeps woman safe. Many volunteers from all around the world supported the project. The incredible wave of mutual help permitted Chifco to crowdfund 940 euros, a critical amount that will be added to the project funds.

A special guest in the premises of Chifco

On the 10 October 2016, by morning, Chifco had the honor to receive for the first time his Excellency Olivier Poivre D’Arvor, ambassador of France in Tunisia. The visit happened at Chifco’s office, in Sousse. The ambassador was warmly welcomed by Amine Chouaieb and his entire technical team. On this occasion, Amine presented some innovative devices and smart solutions that have been developed by all the team.

Amine Chouaieb, Tunisian ambassador of the “22 challenge” program

“Challenge 22” is an innovation award launched in 2015 that promotes innovation in the Middle East and attracts entrepreneurs, scientists and pioneers from across the Arab world. The program showcases ideas that increase sustainability, promote health and safety, and ideas that harness the power of technology to connect every corner of the world.        2 ambassadors have been chosen, one of them is Amine Chouaieb, founder and CEO of Chifco. Their role is to pilot the program and meet young Tunisian inventors passionate by technology.