February 2016

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A simple solution to set up, able to extract videos in real time and acts as a presence sensor, as well, endowed with cloud service storage

Alarms management and image capture during movement detection
Comprises an incident detection device
The Home Secure Cam a device that connects directly to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and offers various services, such as:
Alarm system
The Camera is directly connected to our cloud service, allowing the following:
Video saving for durations, ranging between one hour to one month.
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IoT News : Numbers and Trends

Six key trends in the IoT developer economy for 2016:

Every company should master developer ecosystem skills. Our new IoT Megatrends 2016 report sheds light on the state of the art in the IoT developer economy, distilling the major data points and insights from our research into six important trends in IoT.

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Tour d’horizon de l’évolution du marché de l’IoT à l’horizon 2020/2025:

Le marché de l’Internet des objets connait une véritable explosion, tant auprès des particuliers que des entreprises, et ce quelles que soient leurs tailles, de la PME à la multinationale. Pour répondre à une forte demande sur ce secteur,  le salon IoT world a dressé un tour d’horizon des différentes prévisions concernant les objets connectés.

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What is next of IoT in Tunisia? :

If there is anything that is thriving and booming in the world these days, it is this new wave of technology that we call the Internet of Things. According to IDC, the profit generated by this industry is going to grow 260% in 5 years, between 2015 and 2020. If you take a look at the future of IoT in the world and the new predictions for 2016 here is what you find…

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Chifco in the Media 


Comment 5 statups tunisiennes sont devenues rentable:

« Une entreprise naissante doit au début s’assurer des rentrées d’argent » estime Amine Chouaib qui a lancé son entreprise spécialisée dans les objets connectés, Chifco, en 2010. Pour survivre les premières années, l'entreprise a dû trouver d'autres sources de financement, comme le conseil. L’entreprise est passée au vert en 2015 grâce à la vente de ses produits et des services liés à ses produits à des entreprises partenaires.


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Quatre start-up africaines à suivre :

Spécialisée dans l’internet des objets (le pilotage à distance des équipements connectés), la start-up tunisienne a démarré ses activités avec un capital de 5 000 dinars (environ 2 500 euros) en 2011. Après avoir levé 1,4 million de dinars début 2015 auprès de la Banque d’affaires de Tunisie, elle est désormais valorisée à près de 3 millions, selon son fondateur Amine Chouaieb.

Jeune Afrique

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Built in Africa: Chifco hopes to build a greener future for all:

This technology will change everything for Africa:
Chouaieb reckons that his company’s technology is perfect for African users because it assists with managing energy use and focuses on reducing energy demand in a smarter way by cutting off some devices without requiring that the entire grid is shut down.


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EuroMed Capital

Chifco was not only part of the nominated companies, on the occasion of the 5th Euromed Capital Forum, held in Casablanca on 21 and 22 January 2016 but also one of the 3 finalists for the prize. The prize of the Euromed Capital entrepreneur was awarded to the Spanish logistics company SJL "San José Lopez" (€ 120 million in sales in 2015). It is now present in Tunisia and Morocco.

Salon de l’Entrepreneuriat

Amine Chouaieb CEO and Founder of Chifco was present at the « salon de l’entrepreneuriat » on February 4th 2016, which is a fair dedicated to the creation, financing and development of startups, to encourage young people to start their own businesses and follow their dreams. The Fair is the largest gathering of creators and business leaders in Tunisia

Tunisia Mobility Congress

Chifco was present in Tunisia Mobility Congress 2016, which was held in the Palais des Congrès Tunis on 28 & 29 January 2016. Tunisia Mobility Congress 2016 positioned as the business hub between industry and policy makers in the strategic sector of mobile technologies and embedded systems as well as a showcase of Tunisian expertise in this field.