May 2016

Home Secure, the smart IP camera, is now available* in Tunisia!

You can’t always keep an eye on things at home. With Home Secure, it’s now possible to monitor your house, your office and even your warehouse whenever and wherever you are. Home Secure is an intelligent camera that allows you to keep a close eye on your belongings and on your beloved ones. Simple to set up, Home Secure is managed via a smart platform: you can send instructions from anywhere with your mobile, laptop and internet. The camera will allow you to get alerts if it detects movements in your home.

Home Secure comes with its own Cloud service, thus offering a wide range of features:
  • Image capture and alarm notifier
  • Updating Smart Phones through distance control
  • Motion capture
  • Night vision
  • Replay
* Available at all the TOPNET stores

From Dadaism to Data-ism

Steve Lohr Discusses Data-ism, The Next Phase for Big Data

Lohr sees “Data-ism” as the next phase of Big Data, in which vast, Internet scale data sets are used for discovery, measurement and prediction in virtually every field, touching nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives. The individuals and companies entering this space, are revolutionizing decision-making, leadership, and management by relying more on data and analysis and less on intuition and experience.

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How Dadaism revolutionized art 100 years ago

A century ago, international artists and writers met in Zurich to form a new movement, Dadaism. Their anti-art was a response to an ever-present issue: the madness of war.

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Data Vs Dada

Did you ever hear about Dadaism? “Dada what?” Dadaism is an intellectual, literary and artistic movement that appeared in 1916 during the World War I in Zurich, as a counter attack against the madness of war, aiming to make a better world. Its output was diverse: Collage, poems, art performances, sculptures and even music. Does this make you want to know more about it? There’s no better way than learning by doing. Here are the tips to become the « Newbie Dadaist ».

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Chifco in the Media 

WEBMANAGERCENTER: Enactus Tunisie “Etre jeune et entrepreneur”

C’est par la promotion de valeurs telles que l’audace, l’innovation, la responsabilité, la solidarité, la ténacité et la confiance en soi que l’on peut pousser les jeunes à plus et mieux entreprendre, et c’est ce qu’a fait Amine Chouaieb, Founder & General Manager CHIFCO, ce jeune homme de 32 ans, patron d’une start-up qui emploie 40 personnes entre Sousse, Tunis et la France et dont le but est de leur faciliter la vie.

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L’Economiste Maghrébin :« Accorder toute la priorité au secteur des TIC »

Présent lors du panel « Dialogue entre entrepreneurs des deux rives », dans le cadre de la 18ème édition du Forum de l’Economiste Maghrébin sous le thème : « Transition numérique pour la Tunisie et le Maghreb : comment se positionner dans la Nouvelle économie ? », Amine Chouaieb, PDG de Chifco, est revenu dans une déclaration sur les spécificités de son entreprise, les difficultés dans le domaine du numérique et a adressé un message aux jeunes.

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Tuniscope : « Salon de l’emploi FACE à FACE entre femmes et entreprises »

Des conventions de coopération ont été signées, lors de cette manifestation, entre la Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE TUNISIE) et plusieurs entreprises et organisations, dont nous citons : AmCham, ABC BANK, Téléperformance, La LACROIX Electronics, CHIFCO et Sanofi Aventis et ce en vue de mobiliser le monde des affaires et les différents acteurs institutionnels dans la lutte contre toute forme de discrimination et pour l’adoption de mécanismes et outils divers en vue de favoriser l’égalité professionnelle et l’intégration des femmes dans le marché de l’emploi.

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Chifco at the Carnegie Conference

Chifco intervened at the Forum of the Carnegie foundation Endowment for International Peace, Wednesday 27 April, in Gammarth, in the presence of Habib Essid, the head government of Tunisia. The Forum was an opportunity to present the report of the foundation about the democratic transition in Tunisia «between hazards and Promises " and to expose the recommendations made by the Foundation to save the Tunisian experience.

Chifco at the IoT Workshop of El Ghazela Technopark

Chifco participated in a study day focused on IoT, Saturday 29 April, at El Ghazala Technopark, organized by the Ministry of ICT and Economy. The Minister of ICT and the Digital Economy Noomane Fehri invited all stakeholders (civil society, representatives of state institutions in connection with the IoT) and gathered them to move forward and develop a clear roadmap to boost the IoT in Tunisia.

Chifco at the conference « Je suis jeune, je suis entrepreneur »

Chifco had the opportunity to participate in the 3rd edition of the conference “Je suis jeune, je suis entrepreneur” which was organized by Enactus Tunisie and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung at the Hotel Paris Les Berges du Lac, Saturday 14th May. Young entrepreneurs such as Amine Chouaieb the CEO of Chifco, had the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial experiences and inspire the new generation and the business leaders of tomorrow.